Why go to moon if we can’t walk safely on earth?

‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high….’

SUJATA RAJPAL writes: As the TV channels show the wild dance of terror playing out on the streets of Bombay, I am reminded of this verse by Rabindranath Tagore.

Today neither our mind is without fear nor the head is held high.

Irrespective of our religion, caste or in which part of the country we live, we are scared to death, scared to be killed by the bullet of an insane terrorist, so much so that we are scared to even step out of the house.

The record of the past six months shows that India is not a safe place to live in or even to visit any longer. We should not live in the false belief that terrorists can’t bow us down by these acts. The bitter truth is they have bowed us down so much that we have stopped believing that things will become better one day.

“It’s a cowardly act”

“We will not tolerate this act of barbarism”

“We will fight against terrorism…”

Enough of these false promises Mr Prime Minister!

How many more innocent people will have to die to make our government realize that enough is enough. It is the time to act and retaliate.  Every time there is a bomb blast or any such incident the government is quick to announce compensation to the dead and injured as if it can bring back their lives with that money.

The catchphrase ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ seems hollow and does not bring goose pimples on our arms.

Can we call our country great if our government can’t protect the lives of its citizens?

It is high time we stop living in this false pride. Whether the inaction by the government is due to lack of political will or the government is simply confused on what to do, the stark reality is it has done nothing substantial to protect us.

Not a single month passes without the news of a bomb blast.

Has our government taken one significant step which is visible to us and which can give us assurance that we are safe on our own land?

Government can spend crores of rupees on a mission to moon and plans to send a man to moon but can we walk on our own streets with pride and without fear? Government should realize its priority and divert that money for the security and defence of the country.

Jaan hai to jahan hai.

If there is no security of life all this progress and advancement in science has no meaning. We want to show off to the world that India can send a mission to moon but not give modern weapons and arms to our policemen. We need to modernize our police force, give teeth to anti-terrorist laws and strengthen our intelligence services.

When USA and UK can control terror why can’t we?

The anti-social elements have already become very bold and their numbers are increasing day by day. Some say this Bombay terrorist act is an intelligence failure.

The terror in Bombay is more than intelligence failure – it is a country’s failure.

It is almost sure that like every time this time too our government will come out with false promises, will act initially and if no terrorist act happens for another month it will again become laid back and forget everything until such time when such a ghastly incident happens again.

The fact is that a common man cannot do anything. This is not a war which a common man can fight. Only our government can fight this war but surely we common men can force the government to act.

We need to start a mass public moment and put pressure on the government to provide its citizens safety of life which is completely missing today.

Nothing else will do.

It is already late… tomorrow it may be too late.

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