Garv se kaho, the war on terror begins with me

JUNE GAUR writes: “Can our commandos fight the multi-caste, multi sub-caste terrors spouted by our politicians?” is a question that’s been raised on churumuri.

Yes, they can. With the support of ordinary Indians like you and me. Because it’s our fight too.

Most of us have been labelled and locked into these narrow compartments by ignorance and fear. It’s a trap that we need to get out of.

Observe the vigour with which the possibility of war is already being discussed by morning walkers and people of some leisure. Much of the talk is mere rhetoric; ether shoring up air. Granted that we need to express ourselves, to pour out our feelings, and sometimes it comes out this way.

But how can we channelise this anger and hurt into constructive action?

It’s not really in your hands or mine, is it, to snuff out terrorists or even to mete out retribution for anti-national activities. But the war on terror really begins with me. I have a duty to first educate my family and practice what I preach. Then try to be a catalyst for change in the microcosm of the rich tapestry of India that is the neighbourhood I live in.

Discrimination is forbidden by the Constitution but it continues to manifest itself in subtle ways. If each of us works  sincerely in our own small circles, in our homes, neighbourhoods, schools and offices, to root out ignorance and fear of our fellow-Indians, it could be the first small step towards defeating the enemy within.

All of us can’t be commandos but we can aim for excellence in whatever walk of life we are placed. To do our jobs honestly, and to the best of our ability, whether we are teachers or doctors, mechanics or masons.

Public demonstrations of solidarity, such as street marches and candlelight processions, will only be meaningful if we resolve to carry the same spirit of unity forward into our private and professional lives.

As for posturing by politicians, we have been shown how to deal with that by the parents of Major Sandeep Unnikrikrishnan who sent two politicians from Kerala packing and the wife of; Hemant Karkare who did likewise with another from Gujarat.