‘We are now safer because we are irrelevant’

The attack on The Taj Mahal hotel and The Oberoi and Trident, has seen the botoxed and waxed tax-paying elite of south Bombay step out of their gyms, parlours and lounge bars to wonder about where they can have their next bowl of stir fried noodles and overpriced coffee if this thing continues.

Gaurav Kalra, the sports editor of CNN-IBN, wonders why:

“Where was this elitist angst when a brave bus conductor lost his eyes saving others in Delhi? Or those who have had their legs amputated after the blasts in Ahmedabad? Did elite India find the shrillness in their voices to demand what they are asking for now? Was a fund set-up to support government in fighting terror?

“Bombay has a strange message for you and me; we who live in the real world. And rarely enjoy the delights of places such as the Taj.

“We are now ironically a lot safer, because we are irrelevant in this war. Our blood means little. The new targets are the hypocrites who throw the toys out of the cot only when their own cot is rattling.”

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