CHURUMURI POLL: Bombay attack, whodunit?

The terror attack on Bombay has turned into a fullblown war of words between India and Pakistan, on the diplomatic and media fronts.

On the one hand, Indian intelligence officials claim, through anonymous leaks in the media, that the nationality of the nabbed terrorist, telephone intercepts when the terrorists were at work, GPS maps found on the seized boat that brought them to Bombay, and the origin of one of the emails sent, leave no doubt that there is a definite Pakistani hand behind the audacious assault.

They are not saying the democratically elected Pakistani government was directly involved, but they are hinting that “rogue elements” within the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) have been sufficiently rattled by the heat on the Afghan border to try to open up a new flank through the banned Lashkar-e-Toiba, possibly in collusion with Al Qaeda, so as to distract the attention of the Pakistan Army.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s politicians, military officials and the media pooh-pooh the claims. They say the Indians have not produced any evidence to back the claims. How can a country, which knew nothing of the oncoming attack for months, be so sure of everything within a few hours after the incident. India, they say, is in league with the United States and Israel to put down Pakistan. Instead of blaming Pakistan, India should look inward at its own troubles.

Who do you believe is behind the Bombay attack? Is India demonising Pakistan without producing hard evidence? Or is Pakistan protesting too much?