‘Boycott Pakistan as if Pakistan doesn’t exist’

SUJATA RAJPAL writes: First acceptance and then rejection, this is what the Pakistan mantra is all about.

It has become a habit with Pakistan to first make false promises just to ease the tension and calm the world and then, later, to take a full U-turn and go into absolute denial.

After the attack on Bombay, it is clear as pikewater that Pakistan is a terrorist state. It is not only harbouring terrorists but  blatantly encouraging terrorism.

It is not a partner in the War on Terror, it is a perpetrator.


Yet, Pakistan constantly denies its links with terrorists and wants the world to believe.

After first announcing that it had arrested LeT spokesman Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, banned the Jamaat-ud-Dawa and put Masood Azhar under house arrest, it now declares that Azhar is not in its custody. And it claims the terrorist captured in Bombay, Ajmal Kasab, is not a national of Pakistan though Kasab’s father has publically accepted that Kasab is his son.

Does the world need a better proof than this that Pakistan is unwilling to cooperate?

How to make Pakistan act?

Making repeated requests/ threats, dialogues, or sending envoys won’t do.


Nope, keeping in mind that both India and Pakistan are nuclear states, this option should not be considered even as a last resort. And has war ever solved any problems? It will only aggravate the tension and bring more destruction and the repercussions will be felt globally.

The problem has gone out of hand and is much beyond India’s control. The entire world needs to join hands to curb terrorism from its roots.

It is not sufficient to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Here’s what should be done: the comity of nations, in other words, all countries should snap all ties with Pakistan—trade , cultural, films, sports, diplomatic or whatever. All kinds of ties.

No air links with Pakistan, no train services, no bus services, no imports , no exports. Let’s see for how many days Pakistan can survive in isolation.

Yes, the people of Pakistan will suffer but are they any better off with Pakistan being declared as a terrorist state?

This should be done by all the countries concerned about eradicating terrorism and not just by India alone as terrorism is a global issue and has gone much beyond India Pakistan Kashmir issue. Let Pakistan keep  Kashmir if that ends the problem. Anyway what is left of Kashmir?

Snap all ties with Pakistan, as it is said the worst punishment is isolation.

Boycott Pakistan as if it doesn’t exist.

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