What if Ramalinga Raju has fled to Pakistan?

The whereabouts of Satyam’s disgraced founder B. Ramalinga Raju has become the topic of hot speculation.

Initial reports said he was already in the United States to appear in relation to some other scam. That was denied by the company’s top management which addressed the media on Thursday. They said he was very much in India, in Andhra Pradesh, in perhaps Hyderabad itself.

All day, television channels showed almost no activity at the 1242, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad residence of the Rajus. By nightfall, there were rumours that Raju and his family members could probably be in the “safe custody” of the police.


In the spirit of the season, and in a manner which would please the counterfactual historian Niall Ferguson, HARI SHENOY asks, what if.

What if Byrajju Ramalinga Raju has already fled to Pakistan?

Yes, Pakistan.

“Given our neighbour’s inclination to shelter anyone willing to flee our country on facing the threat of prosecution, it would make complete sense for Raju to head to Pakistan and buy a house in Karachi, where he will be given 5-star treatment along with the likes of Dawood Ibrahim for having done things in India that our government and the people aren’t particulary happy about.”

Shenoy’s tongue is firmly in his IT cheeks, of course.

So where could Raju be?

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