Hero survives recession, jobs freeze, salary cuts

Tintin, the boy-faced Belgian reporter who held journalism’s most coveted job, turns 80 years old today, 10 January 2009.

It was on this day that Herge‘s comic-book hero made his appearance in the church newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle, in which  he visits Russia (Tintin in the Land of the Soviets) to describe the horrors of Bolshevism.

Tintin held the ultimate job in journalism. He travelled around the world (and sometimes beyond, Destination Moon), never had to take notes, never had to file a story, never was worried about being missing a deadline or being reprimanded by his boss, and never therefore gets sued.

And since we are in that gorious era, we might as well rub it in: Tintin never had to hear of words like cost-cutting, streamlining, rationalisation, jobs freeze, or salary cuts.

Tintin’s only recorded remark to his editor (on departing for Moscow) is:

I’ll send you some postcards and vodka and caviar”.

That remark, along with several others is included in a strong body of evidence provided by Matthew Parris, the sketch writer of The Times, London, to conclude that Tintin, like Paris, is gay.

“Billions of blue blistering barnacles, isn’t it staring us in the face? A callow, androgynous blonde-quiffed youth in funny trousers and a scarf moving into the country mansion of his best friend, a middle-aged sailor? A sweet-faced lad devoted to a fluffy white toy terrier, whose other closest pals are an inseparable couple of detectives in bowler hats, and whose only serious female friend is an opera diva… And you’re telling me Tintin isn’t gay…?

“But Snowy saw everything; Snowy knows all. And Snowy never tells. “

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