Pardon her, Daddy? Pocket-ge haakolo Dadda?

YNK, the punny man who edited Kannada Prabha, used to quip that PhD stood for “Precious Hours of Drinking”, and that the act of leaving the bar at the end of the session amounted to the “dissertation”.

U.B. VASUDEV in Tampa, Florida, and himself a PhD, sends a list of other possible full forms.

Which of them suits the State’s newest one?


Poor hungry Doctor
Patiently hoping for a Degree
Pile higher and Deeper
Professorship? hah! Dream on!
Please hire. Desperate.
Pour him a Drink
Philosophically Disturbed
Probably headed for Divorce
Probably heavily in Debt
Patiently headed Downhill…
Permanent head Damage
Potential heavy Drinker
Professional hamburger Dispenser
Post hole Digger
Professional hair Dresser
Piano hauling Done
Pizza hut Driver
Pretty heavily Depressed
Prozac handouts Desired
Pretty heavy Diploma
Pretty horrible Dissertation
Please help the Dummy