CHURUMURI POLL: Get well, Manmohan, but…

So far, so good. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh‘s repeat bypass surgery is over, and the 76-year-old has been moved into an intensive cardiac care unit for stabilisation, according to news reports. We wish the PM well.


But the decision of his medical consultants to bring in a team of doctors from a private hospital in Bombay to operate on him at the nation’s premier State-run hospital, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), opens up a delicate question:  do our politicians have it in them to walk the talk?

If our politicians do not have the confidence to go under the knife of government-appointed doctors in government hospitals, if they do not see the true state of our hospitals and their obsolete equipment, what hope is there for the common man and woman in whose name they claim to act?

And, as chainmails doing the rounds have suggested, there is the more pesky issue of reservations in institutes of higher education that governments like Manmohan Singh’s have pushed with great zeal. If our “leaders” who back these reforms in the name of “social justice” cannot face the result of it, why do they expect us to?

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