‘Haven’t Congress MLAs taken a bribe before?’

A digitally unaltered image of Y. Sampangi, the BJP’s honourable member of the legislative assembly from Kolar Gold Fields, who was caught red-handed by the Lok Ayukta police at the legislators’ home in Bangalore on Thursday, while allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 5 lakh (Rs 50,000 in cash, Rs 4.5 by cheque) to have a police case against a businessman, Hussain Mueen Farook, closed.

“In the history of the Karnataka Lok Ayukta, this is the first time that an MLA has been arrested while accepting bribe,” the Lok Ayukta, Justice Santosh N. Hegde, said. The State BJP president D.V. Sadananda Gowda promptly announced the suspension of the MLA from the party, while a bunch of BJP MLAs, led by Renukacharya of “Nurse” Jayalakshmi fame, created a scene after being denied a chance to meet the fallen angel.


What excuse will BJP supporters come up with to justify the incident and wash their hands off?

1) “Haven’t Congress MLAs taken a bribe before?”

2) “Look, how quickly the party suspended him!”

3) “It was a set-up. Look at the name of the bribe-giver.”

4) “Everybody takes bribes. He was unlucky to get caught.”

5) “The Lok Ayukta is a Congress agent.”

6) Fill in the blanks _______________

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News