Is this all that pooje and archane could achieve?

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Will somebody please explain just what is happening to B.S. Yediyurappa and his BJP government?

The CM mentions there won’t be power cuts and just after few hours the power minister contradicts him saying there would be massive power cuts all over the State. Apparently somebody is talking and doing things exactly opposite to what the CM wants to say or do.


The CM is known to be very meticulous in what he says or does. Yet, he misses the flag-hoisting ceremony on Republic Day and sneaks in last and sits next to the Governor, when the Governor was already half-way through his speech.

For practically any other item of the day, the CM makes sure there is no rahu kala, guli kala, yama gandakala so on and so forth. He makes sure there are at least half-a-dozen swamijis of various mutts to go with him for other functions.

Yet, on the 60th Anniversary of the Republic, is there nobody to tell him the exact kala or time when he should be present when his Governor is doing the flag hoisting?


There’s a public bashing of girls in a pub in the largest port-city of the State during daytime.

Goons of  Sri Rama Sena bash up girls; their leaders go on the air, give interviews saying they are the custodians of Indian or Hindu culture. Yet, there is no word from the CM or the ever-amiable Shivraj Patil-like home minister, V.S. Acharya.

This is more than a law-and-order issue when innocent women are thrashed about and the home minister says the press is blowing up the whole situation. Sri Rama Sena is supposed to see women as embodiment of Sita, yet they beat up women and show no sign of remorse.

The hoodlums more looked like members of a modern Vanara Sene out to do monkey business.

Instead of acting quickly and show it means business, action starts after a series of denials as if the administration is in a state of deep collective slumber.

Is it a stable Government when it fails to act, protect its citizens, and then blames it on “pub culture”?

The CM and his team, particularly the Home Minister goofed up sometime back when they failed to act when churches were ransacked all over Mangalore.

Again, were they looking for rahu kala to pass before taking any action?


Is it merely a coincidence that a CM who was tripping administratively and politically, has started doing so literally?

Recently, his belt got caught with the ropes of a chariot-pulling ceremony in a Nanjanagud temple and he had to be saved in the nick of the time by Shobha Karandlaje and others.

While addressing the national press along with his party’s national president Rajnath Singh, he tried to sit on a non-existent chair which had just been pulled back by one of his security guards! He got up red-faced with a bruised bottom to meet the press again.


Has all the pooja done to his chair and office for days and months when he took office, and the daily archane plan across the State which was announced and hastily withdrawn, gone to waste that “instability” stares on his face and feet every second day?

Why is Karnataka saddled with a stumbling CM and a mumbling home minister when it calls for action at the highest level?

Does administration begin and end with planning and executing only Operation‘Kamala and Operation Vimala?

Senior citizens are hacked in their homes during daytime, on an average twice or thrice a week in Bangalore. Yet, the bungling duo has hardly said anything to allay the fears of senior citizens.

Has the administration failed totally?

Are they busy playing ‘defection’ games and only spending their time for parliamentary election when more such games have to be devised and perfected to come and stay in power?