What do they know of a pub who only plub know?

B.Y. Umadevi, a 37-year-old Bangalore-based entrepreneur who has never been to a “plub”, on chief minister B.S. Yediyurappa‘s announcement that he wants to curb “plub culture”:

“If a woman is an adult, it’s for her to take a call on whether to go to a pub or not. If she is not an adult, the issue is then essentially between the child and her parents.

“There is no role for anyone else in this.

“It’s for women to decide if they would like to visit pubs or any other public place, and that government, politicians or outfits like the Sri Rama Sene cannot restrict their movements. ”

Oh, by the way, B.Y. Umadevi, who runs Candor Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, a BPO in Bangalore, is the daughter of B.S. Yediyurappa. She says her siblings, including two sisters — one a homemaker and another a government  official — would “by and large” agree with her views on “individual choices”.

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