Farmers are from Mars. Students are from Venus?

KPN photo

RAJEEV RAO writes from Bangalore: Only a couple of days after churumuri self-righteously wondered if there is no better way for farmers to protest the falling prices of their produce than to dump it on roads and gleefully stamp on it, activists of a Congress-affiliated students’ organisation have revealed that the wisdom of tomorrow’s citizens is no better; is probably worse.

Members of the National Students Union of India (NSUI) attacked and ransacked the offices of the vice-chancellor of the University of Mysore on February 13, breaking computers among other objects, all because the VC granted permission for a government-led programme to create awareness among students on terrorism.

Only going to prove that when it comes to protests, there is no difference between the unread, helpless, frustrated rural farmer—and the “educated”, politically motivated, urban student. At least the farmers were only damaging what was rightfully theirs, albeit on a public road. The students, on the other hand?

The two protest forms, one in a village, the other in a city, both in the space of a week, have bridged the urban-rural divide in a manner of speaking.

As an old Kannada song goes: “Halli aadaraenu Shiva, Dilli Aadaraenu Shiva?”

Photographs: Karnataka Photo News