Favouritisation. Dynasticisation. Margaretisation.

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: I recently met the Ace Political Expert (APE) at one of the pubs.

Both men and women come here to sit quietly and have a drink and occasionally discuss the politicalisation of pubs by ministers frothing in the mouth in faraway Delhi.

This pub is not a Muslim joint on Church Street where Hindu sons of sons of sons of the soil zoom in on their ‘Hummers’ and demand dinner (or lunch) at 3.30 am.

APE was nursing his ‘Bloody Mary’ when he beckoned me to join him.

As he ordered my pet poison, I asked:  “Renuka Choudhury accuses BJP of Talibanisation in Mangalore. What is your take on that?”

“She has decided to start poll politics already. From ‘Saffronisation’, BJP has now been promoted to “fanning” Talibanisation in the country. So, in essence, BJP should make their claims to Swat from Taliban.”

“Is this kind of accusation good even before the elections bugles are sounded by chief election commissioner (CEC) N. Goplaswami, er, Navin Chawla?”

“I don’t know what Renuka should call this really. Probably “Favouritism” or “Favouritisation” in the EC. But then she is in a party which practices “Dynasticisation” and she dare not comment anything on that as a loyal congress worker.”

“She gave a clarion call to girls for a “Pub bharo” on Valentine’s Day similar to the call given by Gandhiji “Jail bharo” during freedom struggle?”

“Looking at such antics, the Mahatma must be squirming in his grave as to what is happening in the Congress and wondering whether the sacrifice by him and millions during freedom struggle was worth it all.”

Refilling his ‘Bloody Mary’, the Ape continued: “Let me make it clear, once and for all. What happened in Mangalore was wrong, especially women being targeted by members of a stupid organisation. The local administration should have handled it better. Period. But it is laughable and pathetic to see Renuka and her cronies going on and on like a stuck record on the same topic. The social welfare minister doesn’t hear, exploitation of children who ought to be in schools, for child-labour; she doesn’t see criminalization of women all over India, ill-treated, beaten up, killed for dowry deaths; she doesn’t utter a word against discrimination against women for jobs. All she can ‘Hear, See and Talk’ is only Talibanisation in Mangalore, till eternity or elections whichever comes first.”

“What do you think she expects for this virtuoso performance?”

“We have to wait and see till the elections. If the results are good, she will be rewarded suitably. If it boomerangs, she will have to face ‘Margaretisation’ of the Alva kind. Then we will see a dance drama of victimisation from her,” said the APE as we left the pub.