Real-life zeroes taking credit for reel-life heroes


“So now everyone, including the Congress Party, is taking credit for the Oscars that Slumdog Millionaire won! The party claims that instead of “India Shining” it has presided over India ‘Achieving’. Achieving what?

“In the case of Slumdog, India’s greatest contribution, certainly our political parties greatest contribution is providing an authentic, magnificent backdrop of epic poverty, brutality and violence for an Oscar-winning film to be shot in. So now that too has become an achievement?

“Something to be celebrated? Something for us all to feel good about? Honestly, it’s beyond farce.

“And here’s the rub: Slumdog Millionaire allows real-life villains to take credit for its cinematic achievements because it lets them off the hook. It points no fingers, it holds nobody responsible. Everyone can feel good. And that’s what I feel bad about.”

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