“Bowlers’ Graveyard” takes on a new meaning

Harsha Bhogle writes in The Indian Express that the real danger of the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore is that the inherent innocence of “the game we love” could become hostage to spoilsports; the game being played in heavily fortified garrisons, the viewing pleasure limited to what the camera captures and commentator says:

“Ultimately though, cricket is only a tiny part of the reality of our existence. Like the movies, if more strongly, it can allow us to escape into our little cocoon for a few hours. But thereafter we must emerge and place it in the context of our times. This is a time of extraordinary hatred and violence, of tearing apart rather than stitching together; of grown-up men fighting like neighbourhood kids but with weapons that can maim and kill. The sad reality in our part of the world is that we have far too many people to police and far too few that don’t need policing.”

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