A game of numbers when numbers is the game


Congressman turned BJP man, Arun Nehru‘s latest back-of-the-envelope prediction in Deccan Chronicle for the 2009 general elections (part one here, part two here) continues to show a 15-seat  advantage for the Congress over the BJP, a week after the BJP-BJD alliance came apart in Orissa.

Looking at the manner in which each seat has begun to matter for the two so-called “national” parties, Sunil Gavaskar could well have politics in mind when he says on-air in one-day match commentary: “It doesn’t matter how they come. They all count in the end.”


The editors of the Bombay newspaper, DNA, on the other hand, give a clear 30-seat head start for the Congress & Co over the BJP & Co. However, while Nehru gives 257 seats for the regional parties, the paper  says “others” will grab 172, a difference of 85 seats.

DNA‘s prediction for Karnataka: “Congress, Deve Gowda may gain from BJP’s backfiring Hindutva.”

Graphics: courtesy Deccan Chronicle, DNA