Behind two giant personalities, two small cars

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Ahead of the “most awaited car launch in the world“, Ahmedabad-based social scientist Shiv Visvanathan spots resemblances between the man behind the Maruti and the man behind the Tata Nano, in The Indian Express:

Sanjay Gandhi lives with us mutated as Narendra Modi.

“Both attempted to create a notion of politics around a model of ideal citizenship. Both directed violence against those reluctant to adhere to this model of citizenship. Both were great advocates of privatisation. Both are contemptuous of politics as a slow decision-making process. Both had a contempt for party politics. Both were subjects of commissions of enquiry. For both, concepts and ideology were secondary, mere footnotes to the logic of power.

“Both knew how to cater to middle class vulnerabilities. Both realised that evil, fascism, tyranny becomes possible if one can play on the insecurities of the middle class. Both saw themselves as crime fighters. Both had visions of the great city. Both used violence to create futuristic spaces emptied of dissent, ethnicity, and unionism. Both were open to technology, science, innovation. Both saw these as substitutes for politics and democracy.

“In fact, in the twinning of the two one sees not just similarity and continuity, but the real thread of Indian politics.”

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