CHURUMURI POLL: Can India survive the Nano?

“The world’s most awaited car launch” is slated for Monday, 23 March 2009.

Tata Motors one-lakh-rupee wonder, the Tata Nano, will be unveiled in showrooms across the country for booking, and sometime soon, it will slip out on to our lanes, bylanes, gullies, streets, roads and highways.

Proud papa that he is of the project, Ratan Tata has said the “people’s car is an idea whose time has come“.  And there are many who say that the Nano’s cost, fuel efficiency, etc, are good lessons for Detroit. In an era when the services sector is seeing a slowdown, the launch also heralds India’s arrival on the global stage as a manufacturing hub.

Nevertheless, some big question marks—safety, quality, congestion, environmental impact, continue to stare at us in the face. But biggest of them continues to be: Is what is good for Tata Motors good for the country?

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