TQM* as delivered somewhere in Chamundipuram

The television crews are homing in on Mysore’s food as if it’s going out of business.

Kunal Vijayakar of Times Now manages the impossible—sitting space in Gayatri Tiffin Room® (GTR)—to sample the Mysore masala dosa©, and then walks down to a nameless 60-year-old restaurant in Chamundipuram where the owner, Mahesh, delivers a piece of wisdom which the TV channels might like to try at some time. The restaurant is open only for four hours every morning, he said, to maintain *quality. And, then Vijayakar goes to Guru Sweet Mart™ to hear the story of the origin of the iconic Mysore sweet, the Mysore pak©.

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A good dosa is like your first love♥: unsurpassable