Sauce for the kaangis is not sauce for the sanghis?

NAGARAJ BHARADWAJ writes: She holds the dubious distinction of being sacked as chief secretary of Uttar Pradesh on charges of corruption by the Supreme Court.

She was voted the second most corrupt IAS officer in Uttar Pradesh in a secret ballot held by the UP IAS Officers’ Association.

She has been accused of giving out-of-turn allotments of plots to her kith and kin, and others for a consideration when she headed the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority or NOIDA, a town on the outskirts of Delhi.

With such a record, how is it that Neera Yadav, the lady in question, was inducted into the Bharatiya Janata Party?

For a party that seeks to profess clean values in public life, and loses no opportunity to have a go at the Congress and other political opponents for their corrupt ways, the move indeed flies in the face of the BJP’s “we-are-clean” public posture.

Neera’s induction into the BJP smacks of the worst form of realpolitik.

She is a Tyagi married to a Yadav (her husband is an ex-bureacrat-turned politician too). And party chief Rajnath Singh, contesting from Ghaziabad, thinks that she will help him get the support of Tyagis who are in sizeable number in the constituency.

After all, when you are the BJP chief and you are contesting a Lok Sabha election for the first time, you can’t afford to lose, can you? Like they say in cricket, in the end it doesn’t matter how the runs come. So what if you keep the company of the corrupt to win an election?

What do you have to say, Mr Lalchand Kishinchand Advani?

Photograph: Neera Yadav (second from right), courtesy UPDASP