Why should candidates stand from multiple seats?

MOHAN NELLORE writes: There has been a long history of candidates contesting elections from more than one constituency in Indian politics for reasons of safety, prestige and pure powerplay.

This has happened in the past and this time, too, it is going to be no different.

Either you can praise the Constitution for providing such a provision.

Or you can pan it.

I, for one, believe, that this provision creates a huge hole in the Treasury, especially if a candidate is elected from one or more constituencies to either the Lok Sabha or to the Assembly. More so when the electoral rules also clearly state that an elected member can represent only one constituency and fresh elections should be held in the constituency vacated by a multiple seat winner within six months.

Allowing candidates to stand from multiple constituencies results in a waste of resources and doesn’t serve any useful purpose. It only allows our leaders to exploit the electoral system by making a mockery of democracy.

I wish to see the following amendments in our Constitution:

# Candidates shouldn’t be allowed to contest from multiple constituencies.

# Candidates should not be allowed to contest for either Parliament or the Assembly if they are already a member of either house.

# If both the above rules cannot be implemented due to any technical reasons, then a candidate winning from more than one constituency should pay for entire re-election expenses. Plus, twice the expense amount towards public and government inconvenience.

# In addition to the third point above, such person should not be allowed to contest any election in future.

This is my personal opinion.

If a candidate is so sceptical about winning chances, he/she can never be a good leader. In a Freudian sort of way, it only points to a flaw in their thoughts and their inability to convince voters.

Every voter should think twice about such contestants and should punish them so badly that this kind of candidates should never chose to come in public again.

Folks, wake up. It is our money being spent to test their fortune. Do we really need such leaders to represent us?