24 *asterisks* on the long, tortuous road to 272

deccanchronicleBoth the UPA and the NDA have seen parties exiting their ranks. The Third Front seems to be chugging along nicely, and smaller micro-alliances have cropped up. Yet, Congress man turned BJP man, Arun Nehru remains unrelenting in his belief that the Congress-led alliance will end up ahead of the BJP-led one.

In his latest back-of-the-envelope calculations published in Deccan Chronicle, Nehru says the Congress will get 150 seats on its own and the UPA in its present form will get about 225, while the BJP will end up with 132 and the NDA with 181, a margin of 44.

“The Left is still relevant even if their numbers drop from 65 seats to 33 seats, but they will get totally isolated if they obstruct regional forces from negotiating with either the Congress or the BJP. In this context, the Samajwadi Party general secretary, Amar Singh, may well be a major player as he understands politics better than others. The joining together of the SP, RJD and LJP should give a suitable signal to both the Congress and the BJP that their options are limited in the future.”

Graphic: courtesy Deccan Chronicle

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