At last, Advani’s quest for a debate is realised

Lalchand Kishinchand Advani wants a debate, and he is getting one. Not from the man he wants to take on, but from the woman who is taking him on in Gandhinagar: Mallika Sarabhai. And, given how busy the BJP’s prime minister hopeful is, at a place and time of his choice.

Mallika, who has declared she will fight a model election without the name-calling, dirt-throwing that has become emblematic of our democracy, has thrown down an extra gauntlet: a set of five questions which she says she will ask every Monday, like Ram Jethmalani used to ask of Rajiv Gandhi during the Bofors row.

1) How many and what kind of questions has Advani raised in the Lok Sabha about Gandhinagar in the past five years?

2) Why did he not speak against the violence and atrocities against women in Gujarat and specifically in Gandhinagar?

3) What did he do towards creating educational and livelihood opportunities in rural areas of the Gandhinagar constituency?

4) Why did he not show any concern towards local issues as well as Gujarat despite being an MP from here for the last 20 years?

5) How much funds did he use under MPLADS scheme to benefit the deprived and underprivileged in his constituency?