No helmets, please, they are for the aam janata?*

KPN photo

If many of our politicians begin their cheery march to power with a lie (or ten) about their financial, educational, criminal and other backgrounds, many of them also begin by unwittingly breaking the law. Here, H.N. Ananth Kumar, the BJP’s candidate for Bangalore South, takes off on his Honda Activa Dio™ without a helmet on Wednesday, with the party’s latest recruit D.B. Chandre Gowda riding pillion, and other equally helmet-less followers following suit. It’s a photo-op, of course, but one rule for ’em, another for us?

* Similar caveats would, of course, be applicable to members of the Congress party, CPI(M), CPI, JDS, RJD, SP, Vatal Paksha…

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News