A single shoe is mightier than a pen and a sword


Nothing captures the Indian political sitcom/tragicomedy of tu-tu-main-main better than a strong political cartoon, and nobody does it better than E.P. Unny day after day in The Indian Express.

Indira Gandhi‘s killers were hanged inside four years of her assassination, but the killers who killed in her name were roaming around free for 25 years, fighting (and winning) elections in a serious disadvertisement to the “wisdom of the voter”, and the wisdom of the “majority”, in whose name a million crimes are committed.

Jagdish Tytler has now pulled out of the race for the Lok Sabha elections, giving the single shoe of the journalist who flung it at home minister P. Chidambaram an unheard-of power.

Who will throw the shoe at the televised perpetrators of Gujarat?

Or the televised hate-mongers of Pilibhit (and countless other places)?

Or the televised killers of Nandigram (and countless other places)?