When Maruti decides to buy a Nano, cash down

In the either-or, black-or-white world we now inhabit, it is easy to ignore the shades of grey about the Tata Nano and proclaim that it will clog up our roads, clog up our air, endanger our lives and limbs, kill Olive Ridley turtles, and make a generally bad situation even worse.

Till you hear the story of Maruti.

Maruti is a mochi, a cobbler on the streets of Bombay. He saved money for six years for his dream set of wheels. Yesterday, when booking opened for the Nano, Maruti made an all-cash down payment to realise his dream. It’s poetic justice, of course, Maruti buying a Nano, but it is also an epiphany of Ratan Tata‘s dream.

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