The Great Debator ducks out of a TV interview!

NAGARAJ BHARADWAJ writes: Lalchand Kishinchand Advani or Narendra Damodardas Modi?

Who influences whom in the BJP?

The perennial “PM-in-waiting,” you might say. But Advani himself may not think so, if what he did last week is any indication.

Perhaps inspired by Modi’s walkout from a recording of Karan Thapar‘s “Devil’s Advocate, Advani did the same last week. All because Thapar asked him a few inconvenient questions about the BJP’s giving tickets to tainted candidates and the admission (and subsequent withdrawal) of corrupt Uttar Pradesh bureaucrat Neera Yadav into the party.

Coomi Kapoor writes in The Indian Express today:
“Narendra Modi has been known to end interviews halfway, if he finds that the questioner is being deliberately hostile, but for the statesmanlike and generally diplomatic L.K. Advani, it was probably a first. Last week, the BJP leader walked out of Karan Thapar’s Devil’s Advocate at the start of the recording. He took exception to Thapar’s brusque and taunting questions that the BJP had opted for tainted candidates, including admitting in its ranks the controversial former bureaucrat Neera Yadav. Incidentally, Yadav was subsequently denied entry into the party.”

Wonder how Advani perceives himself after giving up the fight so easily. One thought he is a strong man. And didn’t he taunt Manmohan Singh the other day calling him weak?

And isn’t everyone in his party wanting a debate?

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