A civil servant, or just a very civil servant?

A. Surya Prakash boils down five years of Manmohan Singh to four men—Jagadish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, Ottavio Quattrocchi and Navin Chawla—in The Pioneer:

“How will history judge Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, specially when it evaulates him through the prism of constitutionality and the rule of law?

“As an honourable, ‘secular’ man as his shrill declamations would have believe or as a Prime Minister who lacked the moral fibre to stand up for the Sikh community, of which he was himself a member? As a man who enforced the rule or law or as one who ducked responsibility to help the Italian friend of his mentor? Will history remember him as a man who had deep respect for constitutional and democratic values or as one who sacrificed these values at the altar of political survival and admitted an unfair person to the sanctum sanctorum of democracy—the Election Commission?”

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