61% vs 51%: so much noise for so little impact?

Karnataka voter turnout in first phase: 51 per cent

Average voter turnout in 2004: 61.4 per cent.

Bangalore city average voter turnout: 46.66 per cent

Average voter turnout in 2004: 51.5 per cent

Bangalore Rural: 57.92%; Bangalore South: 44.73%; Bangalore North 46.78; Bangalore Central: 45.25%

Blogs, internet chats, Jaago Re, Jai Ho!, Lead India, microsites, rock concerts, TV commercials… The 2009 general election has not been short of media noise. But has it really spurred youngsters to shut up and vote? Or is it all blather and brand building with an embedded social message?

Meenakshi Ravi of Al Jazeera‘s media show The Listening Post reports on how the Indian media has covered the world’s largest democratic exercise.

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