Eight more questions for The Great Debator

The third instalment of Mallika Sarabhai‘s questions for the sitting MP from prime minister-in-waiting Lalchand Kishinchand Advani, contesting from the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency:

# What do you have to say about terror laws being misused?

# What are you doing about the thousands of families displaced — at least 15,000 living on the pavements of Ahmedabad — because of urban beautification?

# Why are Gujarat’s Human Development Index and all social indicators slipping?

# Why is Gujarat’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme performance the worst in India, not providing work for even 45 days against the stipulated 100?

# Why are you silent on the allegations against Maya Kodnani, the minister accused of personally leading a murderous Hindu mob?

# How can the BJP guarantee security when reports show that the Sabarmati prison leads the country in violent incidents?

# Why has Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi not appointed a lok ayukta?

# Why does Modi’s one-man human rights commission (Justice D.S. Sinha from Allahabad) not have any local, leave alone minority community, member?

Meanwhile, Advani is still to respond to Sarabhai’s invitation to a TV debate.

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