5 more questions for The Great Debator to ignore

Devsinh of Jalund Village has been fighting, without success for a road between Kalrada and Gamasana.

Monghiben of Borij has to actually swim out of her house every monsoon.

Ramilaben Purabia of Vrajvihar Society in Vejalpur has not been paid the promised subsidy under Ambedkar Awas Yojana, but is required to pay penal interest in case of default in payment.

Baldevji Thakore of Borisana village has until today, never been paid minimum wage. Laxminagar co.op. society of Kalol have paid for a bore well, but have not received water even once.

Jiviben of Piyaj wants her daughter to study but can’t send her to school as the daughter is required to fetch water daily.

Pushpaben Modi of Gota Housing Society has for the past 23 years received water once every eight days. 35,000 families live in Ramapir No Tekro. There are 10 toilets each for men and women in the area, which open at 8 am to close at 6 pm.

“Vibrant Gujarat” goes to the polls on Thursday, April 30.

Dancer-activist Mallika Sarabhai, daughter of the space scientist Vikram Sarabhai and dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai, and an MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad, poses a few more questions for her worthy opponent from the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha constituency, Lalchand Kishinchand Advani.

# Since when has ‘Mahammad Ghazni’ become a term of endearment in the lexicon of Sangh Parivar?

# By what method of accounting are you and the Congress able to conceal election expenditure?

# Is it true that Gandhinagar has suddenly become an unsafe seat for you and that you will contest from Jaipur as well?

# Did the money accepted by your party’s then President Bangaru Laxman come from a Swiss Bank account, or was it swadeshi black money and hence less tainted?

# If redistributed, the promised sops to Tata’s Nano project would amount to Rs.30,000 for each family living below the poverty line in the state to start a micro-enterprise. Will the project ever create that level of employment and prosperity for the people of Gujarat?

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At last, Advani‘s quest for a TV debate is realised