Our schizoid, cynical, duplicitous foreign policy

Venkatesan Vembu in DNA:

“Two ongoing conflicts in India’s immediate neighbourhood—in Sri Lanka and Pakistan—are both close to a tipping point…. But curiously, there’s been a striking dissonance in the responses, which reflects either a schizoid view of our neighbourhood or, worse, cynical duplicity.

“In Pakistan, much of India’s coercive diplomacy is focused on getting Pakistani leaders to crack down harder on terrorism outfits, and there is widespread support even for US military operations against jihadis in Afghanistan and Pakistan…. But when Sri Lanka wages its own “war on terror” against a ruthless terrorist force that, at one stage, India shamefully supported and armed, our political responses get a lot more muddled….

“Chauvinistic ethno-linguistic politics in Tamil Nadu is threatening to hijack India’s foreign policy position that had, after a long time, found the right balance between defending India’s strategic interests and doing the right thing.”

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