‘TA-DA Sky. Isko laga dala to wife jhinga lala.’

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji had just watched election coverage on TV.  It was clear she was restless. She had just watched a no-holds-barred, gloves-off, bloody slugfest.

“Yen Ajji, yochne madtha idhiya? Aren’t you taking your afternoon nap?”

Yenu niddeno! Tell me, why poltisons are trying to make their children MPs? What is their kwalifishun?”

Poltisons alla Ajji! It is politicians. Qualification not kwalifishun!”

“OK, politician-o and qualification-o. But tell me why.”

“Just like doctor’s son becomes a daaktru and an engineer’s son engineeru, politicians feel their sons should also become polticiansu.”

“Is the country avarappana jaagiri to pass on to sons and daughters? Polticiangu qualification illa, his son also is not qualified in anything. In that sense both have no qualification and that makes them eligible to rule the country!”


Adirli, tell me when do these people retire like engineers and doctors. Is it 58 or 60?”

“There is no retirement age for politicians, Ajji. They can rule till they die or reach 100 years whichever comes first!”

Alvo Ramu! With weak knees, failing eyesight, fading hearing and nothing much in between, how do they attend office or Parliament?”

“Simple-u Ajji. Majority of them don’t attend regularly office, er, Parliament.”

“What about their TA-DA?”

“They get huge amount plus bonuses.”

“Like Tata Sky?”

“Correct-u Ajji! But, sky is not the limit for them for their TA-DA!”

“I don’t know what is happening! No qualification, no retirement, TA-DA Sky and you were saying the other day many have cases pending against them in courts?”

“You’ve summed it perfectly Ajji. Now you tell me who will win this time Ajji?”

“It doesn’t matter at all who wins. It will be the same. Devre kapaadbeku namma Deshana.”