CHURUMURI POLL: Single largest party in 2009?

It now appears certain that neither the BJP nor the Congress, nor certainly the Third Front or the Fourth Front, is likely to bag 273 seats on its own to form the next government at the Centre. In other words, a single-party government is looks well nigh impossible, regardless of the claims of the various parties.

In such a scenario, the role of the President becomes important. Thanks to the precedent set by K.R. Narayanan in 1998 and 1999, followed by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in 2004, Pratibha Patil is now duty-bound to invite the leader of the largest single party, and then seek letters of support from the other parties supporting it.

Which party do you think will have the largest number of seats in the next 16th Lok Sabha? Will Pratibha Patil follow the tradition set by her predecessors, or will she opt for an alliance on the ground that such a group would be able to pass a floor test?

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