An exit poll that defies the Election Commission

The exit polls of the elections for the 15th Lok Sabha will start rolling out this evening. But before NDTV, CNN-IBN and Star News can tell us how we voted, the “widely respected art house” Mindry is out with its own exit poll.

Tongue firmly in cheek, interviewer “Sagarika” calls up a BJP leader in Peru for his reactions.

Sagarika: You and your party have nothing to cheer about our poll? What is wrong?

Venkaiah Naidu: Nothing’s wrong. BJP is strong. This programme is getting too long.

Sagarika: Do you still think BJP will win this fight?

Venkaiah Naidu: BJP’s future is bright. We will win this fight. Congress will be out of sight. I’m sorry to see your plight. I’m going to take the next flight. I wish you good night.

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