Three more predictions to totally confuse you

The Election Commission’s fiat against exit polls during the five phases of polling has resulted in a small cottage industry for political soothsayers in a recessionary period.

Before the “real” exit polls start rolling, three more straws in the wind:

# Rajya Sabha member Rajeev Chandrashekhar asserts no party or alliance will get a majority, but UPA’s numbers will decline from its 2004 tally vis-a-vis NDA’s.

# According to a Reuters report, bookies are giving 140 for the Congress against 125-130 for the BJP.

# Columnist Girish Nikam who claims he accurately predicted 145 for the Congress in 2004, says the party will get 173 this time, BJP 131 and Left 43.

Nikam’s reading for Karnataka: BJP 13, Congress 12, JDS3.

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