Is a City’s fate bound by its political preference?

KPN photo

All seven seats in Delhi have gone to the Congress. Six out of seven in Bombay have gone to the Congress-NCP alliance. The Trinamool-Congress combo has prevailed in Calcutta. And in Madras, UPA partner DMK has triumphed.

With a Congress-led UPA in power at the Centre, things will be smooth for these metropolitan cities. What of Bangalore, which has plumped for the BJP?

Saritha Rai quotes M.V. Rajeev Gowda, a professor at IIM Bangalore, in The Indian Express:

“Once again, it appears that we will have nobody to represent Bangalore’s agenda in a clear way…. Bangalore and Karnataka are losing out because of the mismatch.”

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Photograph: A girl sells cashew fruit at Mekhri circle in Bangalore on Wednesday (Karnataka Photo News)