One more example of commodification of women

KPN photo

Real reasons we are using this picture: Because it is a Saturday. Because we like movies. Because we like good-looking women. Because her name is Ramya. Because, well, she is good looking. And because a good Kannadiga has just been allotted the external affairs ministry portfolio.

Intellectual reasons for using this picture: Because an actress pressing flesh with underprivileged kids to the pop of the flashbulbs should not go unnoticed even if it is, well, a stage-managed photo-op. And because “brands” should not lose faith in the perceived ability of brand ambassadors to attract eyeballs.

Photograph: Underprivileged children from the NGO Vistar get a feel of the insides of a Kingfisher Airlines plane at the first anniversary celebrations of Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) on Saturday. (Karnataka Photo News)

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