Carper’s Index: Can crorepatis relate to crores?

Number of ministers in Manmohan Singh council: 79

Number of ministers from Lok Sabha: 64

Number of ministers from Rajya Sabha: 15


Number of crorepati ministers from Lok Sabha: 47 out of 64

Total assets of ministers of  UPA team: Rs 5 billion or Rs 500 crore

Average worth of each MP in 15th Lok Sabha: Rs 5.1 crore

Average assets of each minister: Rs 75 million or Rs 7.5 crore


Number of Indians who get by with less than Rs 20 a day: 836 million

Rise in price of rice between 2004-08: 45 per cent

Rise in price of wheat between 2004-08: 60 per cent


P. Sainath in The Hindu:

“In a complex and layered verdict driven by many factors, one factor seems clear: most governments that stressed welfarish measures—particularly cheap rice and employment—gained in last month’s election results. This was regardless of which party was leading them–the Congress, the BJP, the BJD, the DMK or any other. Some of these measures might not have led to large numbers of people going out to vote for those governments. But they at least  lowered hostility levels amongst the voters in a hungry nation.”

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