‘Only a vertical split in the BJP can save the BJP’

The BJP has been getting plenty of free, unsolicited advice—much of it well deserved, almost all of it well earned—on what it needs to do to rebuild its house washed away by the electoral tsunami: Dump Hindutva; stop peddling hate; don’t ignore Muslims; don’t ignore Christians; get fresh faces; think 21st century, not 12th….

As the party’s top guns observe a “majority” version of Moharram, happily flagellating themselves in public, these are delightful times for pseudo-secular aka pseudo-sickular aka p-sec elements who were getting plenty of free, unsolicited advice on how Akhand the India that is Bharat should be.

Professor Jyotirmaya Sharma of the University of Hyderabad, author of Terrifying Vision: Golwalkar, RSS and India, goes one step further in Mail Today and says the BJP has to “perforce split”:

“The only way for the party to solve [its] ideological confusions is to split.

“Those who still turn their face towards Nagpur and the Mahal and Reshembaugh localities of that city can go their way, while those who have despaired of khakhi shorts and dandas as well as the unlovely, deep and dark corridors of the RSS headquarters in Nagpur can get together to build a new political force within Indian politics.

“Indian democracy is strong and generous enough to accommodate yet another proliferation of parties, though it would be interesting to speculate what the party flags and symbols of these two parties would be, were the BJP to split vertically.

“A prospective split will also for ever solve the festering leadership crisis within the party, something that seems impossible at the moment. An RSS brokered truce on the leadership question is hardly the solution and is bound to cause secondaries in the future.

“The BJP must help Mohan Bhagwat go down in history as the last sarsanghchalak who presided over something called the Sangh Parivar.”

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