How Shahid Afridi knocked the hell out of Taliban

Tunku Varadarajan writes on that Pakistan’s emergence as champions of the Twenty20 World Cup, with three Pushtun players—-Younis Khan, Umer Gul and Shahid Afridi—at the wheel, have shown the Taliban that you don’t have to flog teenage girls to be a man; all you need to do is flog the ball to all parts of the ground.

“Cricket is a potent secular force in Pakistan, a secular lesson. It teaches people that man-made rules can be just, and give satisfaction. It teaches an honor unconnected to religiosity and modesty, tribal slights and vengeance. It teaches that exuberance can be constructive, and that individualism and innovation can be blessings (and, equally, that conservatism can often be dangerous). Cricket allows Pakistanis to play against men from other faiths and lands, and to belong with pride to a sporting commonwealth of cricket-playing nations that is a world away from the aridity of the ummah.”

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