What Mayawati can learn from Bhakta Prahallada

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN writes: Ajji was reading Praja Vani near the Tulsi katte, as usual. After sometime, she flung the paper aside in disgust instead of her usual practice of neatly folding it and keeping it aside.

Ajji’s demeanour resembled Manmohan Singh’s anger against his agriculture minister who was still flogging the Twenty20 horse in London when the country was getting desperate for monsoon rains.

Yenaaaythu Ajji; anything bothering you?” I asked.

Ramu! Years ago I told you about Bhaktha Prahallada and Hiranya Kashipu. Do you remember the story?” Ajji asked.

“Yes, as if it happened in front of my eyes. I especially remember the scene when the demon-king Hiranya Kashipu ridicules Prahallada when he tells him God is omnipresent.”


“Hiranya Kashipu shows a pillar and derisively asks whether Vishnu was present in that pillar. Prahallada informs him that God is present everywhere including the pillar. When Hiranya Kashipu tries to break the pillar with his mace, Vishnu himself comes out through the crashing pillar and ultimately kills Hiranya Kashipu,” I said.

“Vishnu is present everywhere for his Bhaktha who can see nothing else,”

Ajji! I also remember your story of Krishna telling Arjuna that he will be reborn in the world whenever dharma is in danger and the evil forces have to be put down.”

“I am glad you remember that. In fact in the Bhagavad Gita the stanza is:

Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya…… Sambhavami yuge yuge”( meaning: “Whenever there is decay of righteousness and rise in un-righteousness, I shall manifest and make myself evident; chapter 4 -7)”

Ajji! You had made us all by heart the entire stanza as well as the story of Prahallada. But what made you recollect all that now?”

Ajji paused for a while.

“Do you know something? Just as Vishnu appeared in the pillar to prove God is everywhere, now Mayawati is trying to show Dalits that she is Goddess and omnipresent with her statues all over Lucknow and UP!”

“Oh, Ajji!’

“Isn’t it shameful that a human being equates herself to Goddess and constructs her own statues all over using public money even as she proclaims herself as the messiah of the poor? Even Bhima Rao Ambedkar who did so much for the cause of Dalits did not call himself God. If any, he was one of the downtrodden and fought his way through education and later fought for their rights and condition in society.”

“That is true, Ajji.”

“Why, our own Bahubali who had won everything renounced his kingdom and his statue in Shravanabelagola stands there as a symbol of renunciation, sacrifice built not by Bahubali himself but his brother Bharatha.”

“That’s right.”

Idu vinasha kale vipareetha buddhi kano! Once, Indira Gandhi had displayed this when she clamped Emergency. Congress learnt the lesson and gave a public apology. L.K. Advani, in a moment of madness did a similar thing when he led kar sevaks to the Babri Masjid and reignited the Hindu-Muslim conflict. I don’t care what that retired judge Liberhan, who made a second career out of his commission, has to say on that. Now Mayawati, the megalomaniac  equating herself to Goddess, squanders thousands of crores of public money to build her own statue all over UP. Along with the corruption charges leveled against her in the Taj corridor case, spending crores of public money can only mean one thing.”

“What is it, Ajji?”

“The spark of indignation and revulsion that all feel against megalomania will result in removal of the ghastly statues lock, stock and barrel as also Mayawati herself as CM. Then only dharma can triumph against such evil forces,” concluded Ajji.

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