Why Sachin Tendulkar is stronger than Obama (?)



Boys will be boys even if you are the 44th president of the United States of America given to grand rhetorical flourishes. At the G-8 summit in Rome being held in the midst of a global meltdown, Barack O-bum-a looks at the “stimulus package” of a Brazilian delegate while his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy watches on admiringly.

At  a similar opportunity in Delhi after the Indian team won the Twenty20 World Cup in 2007, Sachin Tendulkar demonstrates why he is cut from a different cloth while his younger colleagues Robin Utthappa, Dinesh Kaarthick and Yuvraj Singh inspect the evidence.

Video evidence has cast doubts on the Obama incident but rumours that the Brazilian delegate, Mayara Tavares, was a teenager have set right wing tongues wagging.

What is Obama’s excuse likely to be?

Photograph: courtesy Jason Reed/ Reuters