“Citizen Activism” fetches us our (sweet) bread


GAUTAMADITYA SRIDHARA writes from Bangalore: In October last year, churumuri.com published a story by MiD-DaY Bangalore editor S.R. Ramakrishna titled ‘By-two badam haal for the lambu leggie, please‘.

oldiyengarsThe article had a picture of the famous ‘Iyengars Bakery’ in 4th Block, Jayanagar although the bakery had been shut for a couple of years after the owners had decided to call it quits.

I met the gentleman who owned the bakery a couple of days ago and he explained to me that there was overwhelming “public demand” that the bakery be reopened and requests that “the owners not be responsible for erasing an integral part of old Jayanagar”.

Owing to public demand, I am happy to report that Iyengar’s Bakery reopened last Friday, 10 July 2009, to welcome many excited patrons including me.