How do you say, Be the change you want to see?

Be the change you want to see in the world,” a tall, lean, tonsured, bespectacled man said presciently long years ago.

In the year of the lord 2009, six top Kannada singers—B.Jayashree, Pallavi Arun nee M.D. Pallavi, Rajesh Krishnan, Hemanth, L.N. Shastry and Avinash Chebbi—come together in Nee Badalaadare, a warm, feel-good, “patriotic” video released just in time for the 62nd Independence Day.

The composer is Ricky Kej, the lyrics are by Kavi Raj. The video is directed by Alok Shetty, with thanks to the actor Ramesh Arvind.

YouTube link via Madhu Gopinath Rao