One question you are dying to ask a real celebrity

The Star Plus “reality show” Sach ka saamna has been just what “Dr Murdoch would have ordered.

The show has created a big buzz in the media. The format, lie detector and all, has gripped audiences. Court cases have been filed. And parliamentarians known for taking cash for questions have been riled by the sight of celebrities taking cash for questions like “Have you aborted a child?” etc.

Result: it’s going to rain rupees in Rupertland.

At one level, the show throws light on the murky area ratings-hungry television is getting into. At another level, the show is an indication of the growing voyeurism of a consuming class that doesn’t know where public ends and private begins. In other words, anything goes.

So far, only B-grade if not C-grade celebrities—Vinod Kambli, Raja Chaudhury, Urvashi Dholakia, et al—are letting it all hang out.

Question 1: Which A-list name would you like to see on the show?

Question 2: What is the one question you would like him/her answer?

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