Because Caesar’s wife had to be above suspicion

Fali S. Nariman tackles the issue of the declaration of assets and liabilities by judges head-on in The Indian Express:

“I would respectfully beseech the judges of our highest judiciary not to rely on the technicalities of the Right to Information (RTI) Act or to depend on the executive to extricate them from their present delicate no-win situation. Public confidence in the administration of justice by the higher judiciary is of paramount concern.

“The judges must act on their own taking solace in the ringing words of Supreme Court Justice Vivian Bose who wrote in a judgment way back in 1954: ‘We (the judges) have upon us the whole armour of the Constitution and walk hence forth in its enlightened ways, wearing the breastplate of its protecting provisions and flashing the flaming sword of its inspiration.’ More protection is simply superfluous.”

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