Namma Nafisa owes it all to Nanjangud hallu pudi

love kichdi

We could offer several pretentious reasons why this poster for the upcoming romantic-comedy Love Khichdi appears here out of the blue.

1) Because writer-director Srinivas Bhashyam is namma huduga, a Bangalorean, who has worked with Mani Ratnam and Kamal Hassan, and has written a piece or three for churumuri.

2) Because, with seven ravishing heroines in his second Hindi film, paapa, namma huduga must have had to work so hard, that he needs all the moral support he can get ahead of the movie’s release.

3) Because T.B. Srinivas, as the world knew him before he became Srinivas Bhashyam, has written the story and screenplay with namma huduga Manu Joseph, the former Outlook magazine journalist.

But the real reason we are using this poster here is because it gives us a pretext to talk of the lady on the left of the frame, kneeling on the ground, in the black suit.

In Love Khichdi, she answers to the name of Nafisa Khan.

In life khichdi, she answers to the name of Kalpana Pandit.

Kalpana Pandit is daughter of Dr B.V. Rajagopal, the Mysore cardiologist who belongs to the B.V. Pandit family of Nanjangud hallu pudi fame. Her uncle B.V. Sreekantan is “a distinguished high energy astrophysicist.

Kalpana, who studied at Marimallappa’s School and College, and did her medicine at the Mysore Medical College (MMC) is a doctor, too, as is her brother Sandeep Raj Pandit and sister Lakshmi Pandit.

But Kalpana’s career is eerily, freakily different from the average doctor’s.

# The ravishing beauty from 1st main road, Yadavagiri, won the “Miss USA” contest among NRIs.

# She took a break as an emergency medicine physician in Arizona to star in M.F. Husain‘s Gajagamini.

# She did a bikini item song in Padmashree Laloo Yadav.

# She rubs shoulders with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez.

# She wows the paparazzi at the premiere of Quantum of Solace with assets disproportionate to her known sources of income.

# And, on her website, she shames classmates by posing next to Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine and Danny de Vito.

Our unimpeachable Bollywood correspondent writes:

“With her large frame and fair complexion, and the Pandit surname, she is predictably mistaken for a North Indian everywhere. But she’s a proud Kannadiga and we used to banter in Kannada during the shoot much to the puzzlement of all around here.”

And she puts up pictures like these on her website for the salivating masses. There’s a hint of desperation, of course, but kee farak painda when there’s an MD after your name?



Love Khichdi Poster: courtesy Srinivas Bhashyam (clockwise from bottom left, Kalpana Pandit, Divya Datta, Rituparna Sengupta, Jessy Randhawa, Sada, Riya Sen, and Sonali Kulkarni, with Randeep Hooda)

Photo mosaic: courtesy Ashish Bagchi


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