Dharwad Peda ain’t a peformance enhancing drug

In the wake of the row over whether Indian cricketers should allow their urine to be checked by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for Performance-Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), E.R. RAMACHANDRAN compiles a short objective-type quiz.

You may select any of the options.

Prizes are at the bottom.


1. Who runs Indian cricket?

a. Players
c. Lalit Modi
d. Public
e. Advertisers

2. Who is the likely ‘dope’ in the current imbroglio?

a. Government
d. ICC
e. Greg Chappell

3. Are Indian cricket stars bigger than…?

a. Roger Federer, Ronaldo and Tiger Woods combined
b. ICC
d. Cricket

4. Indian cricket stars fear only…

a. Advertisers
b. Government
c. Shortpitched balls
d. Paying public
e. None of the above except ‘c’

5. Why do out cricket czars fear WADA testing?

a. May get caught with some WADI
b. Fear of unknown
c. Fear of getting caught
d. Genuine terror attacks

6. Other Indian sportspersons  who signed WADA are…

a. Idiots
b. From different planets
c. They don’t count
d. Who are they, any way?

7. Should sports minister M.S. Gill &  co treat the czars…

a. With kid gloves
b. With iron hand
c. Thankful they are Indians
d. Give more Khel Ratna awards

8. Past cricketers are keeping quiet because

a. They don’t count
b. Scared of our czars
c. They don’t believe in WADA
d. They are scared of BCCI

9. Our TV/ Press are silent because

a. WADA is not an issue with them
b. They don’t want to anger cricketers
c. They raise issue only when WADI is involved
d. None of the above

10. Should WADA agree to the terms of our cricketers?

a. Yes.
b. No.
c. They had better, otherwise no IPL next year
d. None of the above


Prizes: 1. All-correct answers: visit to WADA headquarters, to and fro expenses paid

2. All-wrong answers: visit to BCCI to see how it works / doesn’t work. All expenses to be borne by you.